Mar 16

Driving under the Influence – Road Safety and Legal Consequences

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Alcohol and driving aren’t particularly ideal when mixed together. Often imbibed individuals overestimate their ability to maintain spatial awareness and adequate reaction and reflexes due to the ability of their drink to inhibit physical functions and higher sense of reasoning. Drunk driving is a considerable factor contributing to major traffic accidents in the country, most of which are fatal. Driving under the influence (or DUI) of alcohol and other regulated and illegal substances is an act prohibited by law. Not only will committing the act endanger offending individuals, it also exposes the general public to the dangers that are caused by irresponsible driving.

Being arrested for a DUI offense is a very serious matter. Not only is it possible for an offender to lose the license to drive, it can also mean a period of incarceration. Although it is most of the time warranted due to the effects that this form of crime can cause, spending time in jail can completely change the life of one who has been convicted of the offense. It is becoming more and more common to see arrests being made for drug and alcohol related traffic violations. This problem is largely preventable, unless the driver is actually looking to speak with a DUI attorney in San Diego. Some may attribute this relaxed attitude towards road safety to severely lacking information campaigns on safe driving and a failure to properly regulate the granting of driving licenses. Regardless of the efforts being made by the government and concerned organizations, it has always been clear throughout the history of automobiles that drunk driving is always not a good idea. Local laws have recently become more stringent to address this important issue due to the growing concern of possible lack of discipline from upcoming generations of drivers.

Although traffic accidents can be prevented using precautionary measures such as defensive driving, they cannot be completely avoided. Commuters and pedestrians alike are exposed to the risk of car accidents, which is why the number of legal cases for such scenarios are prevalent in the city nowadays. Those who are involved with a legal processing will find several DUI attorneys in San Diego that are ready and willing to assist them with their case. These law offices and lawyers can help their clients in terms of basic consultation and representation, setting the terms for financial negotiation, and completing other legal obligations as prescribed by the court.

Feb 16

Steady Decline of Drunk Driving Accidents


The occurrence of car crashes in San Diego has been steadily dwindling. Car accidents attributed to drunk driving in particular are becoming a rarity. For the most part, we have the vigilant San Diego police force who is always keeping an eye out for cars and other vehicles that are showing signs of being navigated by someone who is inebriated. Drunk drivers are promptly pulled over to be checked and administered a field sobriety test. If they pass the test they are allowed to go on with their driving. However, if they do pass the test yet the policemen still find their sobriety dubious, breathalyzer is usually the test they resort to.

There are instances where drivers firmly refuse having to undergo a field sobriety test. These drivers are brought to the police station to undergo a blood alcohol test. A result that amounts to .08 will be considered drunk and will subsequently lead to the driver being detained. The driver is charged with an amount that depends on the driver’s number of preexisting offenses. First offense is of course, a little less costly than subsequent infractions. However, even though the amount is smaller in comparison to the subsequent fees, it’s still a significant amount. Usually, initial offenders ask for the help of a San Diego DUI lawyer to either mitigate their charges and penalty or even attempt to have the case dropped.

Being charged of driving while under the influence of alcohol will mar a person’s record for ten long years. It’s by all means a criminal record that might hinder them from getting into some jobs. Some decry the seemingly harsh fees, penalties and blemished records. They argue that the consequences are too much for a very simply offense. And will go on to argue that they haven’t really hurt anyone anyway. The thing is that they could have. But thanks to the effort of police officers, they were stopped in their tracks. They are figuratively bullets of a revolver in a Russian roulette played in the highway. Either they may not really cause an accident, or cause one that could damage other people, their properties, and the driver himself. These damages could range from mild car dents to life-threatening scenarios. Victims of car accidents due to drunk driving should immediately contact lawyers in SD dui Pros who can help them with their case and take the matter to court.

Feb 16

Hire a Good DUI Lawyer, Have a Good Result on Your DUI Charge!


If you are caught committing a DUI charge, you are facing a situation that will impact your life greatly. The problem with being caught for DUI is it does not just affect your personal life. It can affect your career as well because you will have a harder time looking for jobs because you already have a record on your name. This is why a lot of individuals hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney.

DUI attorneys are hired because they can increase your chances at avoiding possible jail time and they can also help in ensuring that you don’t get a record of DUI on your name. They will also be able to guide you so you will only experience a minimum punishment and also so you get to pay fewer penalties. Basically, since DUI lawyers concentrate on DUI cases, they are more experienced and knowledgeable of the DUI state laws. These professionals will ensure that you will have the best possible punishment by negotiating with the prosecutor. They can also help you because you will be able to save up on paying large fines. However, they will ensure that you understand the situation of your arrest so you will understand what you are really going through in relation to your DUI charge. There are other things that you need to sort out in relation to your DUI charge. One of these is the suspension of your driver’s license. Of course, you do not want to go around without your car. Since your driver’s license will automatically be suspended once you get arrested, you will have to file a quest to the DMZ so you can have your license suspension reconsidered. If the suspension gets reconsidered, you may be allowed to drive from home to work and backwards but you will eventually be allowed to drive anywhere after some time.

Also, DUI lawyers can help you save a lot of money. Since DUI charges usually come with large fines, the DUI lawyer will be able to help you out by bargaining for a lighter sentence. This way, you don’t have to lose a lot of money! This is very helpful especially for those who are facing multiple DUI arrests too! Get the best DUI attorney in Los Angeles today by checking out the Los Angeles DUI Pros website! Find out how they can help you by having your first free initial assessment. View their website for more details!