Steady Decline of Drunk Driving Accidents


The occurrence of car crashes in San Diego has been steadily dwindling. Car accidents attributed to drunk driving in particular are becoming a rarity. For the most part, we have the vigilant San Diego police force who is always keeping an eye out for cars and other vehicles that are showing signs of being navigated by someone who is inebriated. Drunk drivers are promptly pulled over to be checked and administered a field sobriety test. If they pass the test they are allowed to go on with their driving. However, if they do pass the test yet the policemen still find their sobriety dubious, breathalyzer is usually the test they resort to.

There are instances where drivers firmly refuse having to undergo a field sobriety test. These drivers are brought to the police station to undergo a blood alcohol test. A result that amounts to .08 will be considered drunk and will subsequently lead to the driver being detained. The driver is charged with an amount that depends on the driver’s number of preexisting offenses. First offense is of course, a little less costly than subsequent infractions. However, even though the amount is smaller in comparison to the subsequent fees, it’s still a significant amount. Usually, initial offenders ask for the help of a San Diego DUI lawyer to either mitigate their charges and penalty or even attempt to have the case dropped.

Being charged of driving while under the influence of alcohol will mar a person’s record for ten long years. It’s by all means a criminal record that might hinder them from getting into some jobs. Some decry the seemingly harsh fees, penalties and blemished records. They argue that the consequences are too much for a very simply offense. And will go on to argue that they haven’t really hurt anyone anyway. The thing is that they could have. But thanks to the effort of police officers, they were stopped in their tracks. They are figuratively bullets of a revolver in a Russian roulette played in the highway. Either they may not really cause an accident, or cause one that could damage other people, their properties, and the driver himself. These damages could range from mild car dents to life-threatening scenarios. Victims of car accidents due to drunk driving should immediately contact lawyers in SD dui Pros who can help them with their case and take the matter to court.

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