Intoxicated and Liable


DUI lawyers like me are like the bearer of bad news, and in our industry, we’re often the guys that deal with the most problematic cases that don’t directly involve money. When you drink and drive, you get into a lot more trouble than just bumping into a car. A person who drank and followed the traffic rules but got into an accident by a reckless driver may still become fallible because of intoxication. Let me paint you a picture. For example, I have a couple of whiskies and I shouldn’t be driving, but I drive down the road anyway and someone ran the red light and t-boned me. The other driver should be going to jail or pay a hefty fine but when his lawyer finds out that I was intoxicated, I will be the one who’s going to jail.

DUIs are common in the USA. More common than one might think, so it’s not a surprise when you see someone on the news who got hurt in an accident. Whenever you want to drink and drive, just don’t. Trust me, as a DUI lawyer; you cannot expect to get out of a DUI case easily. You may end up paying a very big fine and/or you can go to jail.

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