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legal mattersChild custody has been considered one of the most delicate things married couples should discuss after they have gone through a divorce process. Child custody and guardianship talks about the practical and legal relationship of a parent to his or her child and this can also include how to take care of the child and how to make decisions for the child until such a time that the child becomes of legal age. Child custody talks can be very difficult on everyone in the family which is why it will be very helpful for you to consult solicitors in Chipping Sodbury so you can have legal assistance so you can have an equal footing when it comes to discussing the terms of your child custody.

When divorced couples talk about custody, the most important detail that should be talked about is the best for the child. Child custody is not just discussed after divorce but it is also discussed after separation and legal actions that may involve children. The common statutory provisions mandate that children that are borne within the marriage of a couple should get joint guardianship of both parents but there are other factors such as financial capability and living conditions of the parents that can determine if a joint custody or sole custody will be granted. No matter how you might want to have sole custody over your ex-partner, the court will still rule based on what will be the best for the child’s interests. Custody and visitation will most likely consist of parenting scheduling and this is the actual term used by solicitors and other legal professionals to take away the negative implication about which parent gets the custody of the child. Normally, the court decides on the parenting schedule but there are times when the courts take the child’s opinion into consideration.

There are also talks about the child support as both parents are required to provide financial support under the Child Support Standards Act. For as long as a parent does not have any records of misconduct or abuse to the child, the child custody will be done equally on both of the parents. Are you having troubles dealing with child support and you don’t know the legal process? If you are having this problem, check out the best solicitors in Chipping Sodbury by visiting the Bevav Evemy website! You may also contact their Chipping Sodbury location to have your first meeting for free!

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