Jul 14

Tips on Dealing With Consequences of DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI), as we know, is an act of driving while a person is intoxicated either by alcohol or drugs. The drunk driving statistics have been quite alarming in the recent past. There were nearly 38,000 DUI cases in the US alone, with states like California, Georgia, Florida, and Texas recording the highest number of DUI cases. Considered to be a criminal offense in the US and several other parts of the world, this phenomenon has prompted lawmakers to crack down on DUI offenders, ordering harsh penalties for the convicted drivers. Currently, all states in the US have enacted per se laws that restrict drivers having particular blood alcohol content (BAC) level from operating a vehicle. Generally, the specific DUI laws vary from one state to the other and from country to country.
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Consequences of DUI

The DUI penalties depend on whether you are convicted of similar offenses in the past. If this is your DUI first offense, you are expected to pay a huge fine. In many states, your license is suspended temporarily and it becomes mandatory for you to attend DUI educational classes. Other consequences are:

•If this is your second DUI offense, you will certainly face jail sentence, permanent license suspension, a hefty fine and/or court cases.

•Most employers prefer that their employees should have a clean driving record. So, if you have DUI records, chances are that you may lose your job and also have problem finding a new job.

•Those convicted for DUI driving also have to pay higher insurance premiums to their company. At times, the existing policy is also dropped under the drunk driving laws of a particular state.

•Other problems may occur, for example, DUI arrests can weaken an individual’s position in a custody battle, rental applications may get rejected and educational scholarships and loans may be denied.

•In countries such as Canada and some states in the US, immigration related rights may be denied or delayed.

Consulting a DUI attorney

DUI records can be disastrous for your future. But what should you do if you are convicted? You have a solution. The most important step is to consult a competent drunk driving attorney. There are criminal law firms that have specialized lawyers who handle DUI-specific cases.